Create Ubuntucoin and DAO Platform for Nobody Likes Poverty Charity Foundation

This is a mission for raising funds for developing a decentralized autonomous platform with a voting system for distributing a new Cryptocurrency that will be used for charity and eradicating poverty.

A Cryptocurrency for Poverty Eradication

Ubuntucoin: A Humane Coin Backed By Kindness, Charity, Human Capital, Energy And Resources.

•Mission: Ubuntucoin is a cryptocurrency project aimed at creating wealth and alleviating poverty in the world through a simple decentralized financial system based on the African philosophy of Ubuntu – “I am because we are”.


– Total supply of 1 trillion coins, with gradual release of new coins to control inflation

– No pre-mine – fair launch with equal opportunity for everyone to acquire coins

– Transaction fees redistributed to all holders (similar to BNB tokenomics) to incentivize adoption

– A portion of transaction fees used for community development projects in line with Ubuntu philosophy

•Key Features:

– Based on Binance Smart Chain for fast, low-cost transactions and compatibility with DeFi ecosystem

– Governed by the community through a DAO with voting rights proportional to holdings

– Partnerships with major charities and community organizations worldwide for implementation of projects

– Seamless mobile-based payments and banking for the unbanked through strategic integrations

•Growth Plan:

– Build strong community through social media marketing and word-of-mouth

– Pursue listings on major exchanges to increase visibility and accessibility

– Form strategic alliances with governments, brands and influencers across Africa

– Sponsor community development projects to drive real-world adoption and impact


Year 1: Price rises 10x from $0.01 to $0.10 as major milestones are achieved

Year 2-5: Strong growth to $0.50-$1.00 with over 1 million users/holders

Year 5-10: Price stabilizes at $1-$5 as Ubuntucoin becomes widely used in Africa with over 50 million users

In summary, Ubuntucoin has the potential to become the leading cryptocurrency in Africa through a philosophy of empowerment, community-building and creating real socioeconomic value. With the right execution, partnerships and community support, Ubuntucoin can reach a market capitalization of $5 billion to $50 billion in 5-10 years while uplifting millions out of poverty.